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Product Presentation
Pressurized Flat Solar Water Heater

High performance, easy installation, natural circulation to avoid maintaining, long service life, being changed according to user requirements

Product Introduction

Pressurized Flat Solar Water Heater

  • Changing the traditional solar energy which using vacuum tube absorb the heat. This model uses a unique blue coating absorption of flat plate, compared with other heat absorbing material,blue coating's efficiency can reach 95%, and in the heat absorbing,flat plate reserved for joint and be convenient for customers' demand. Pressurized design makes the pressure capacity enhance, the water pressure is the same as the municipal water supply , the strong water power combine with the perfect building, the overall effect is shown.

Technical parameter

Technical   Specification
 Circulation TypeClosed
Tank Capacity150L200L300L
 External DimensionΦ580x1000Φ580x1250Φ580x1750
Outer Tank Material Color coating galvanized steel
Inner Tank MaterialSUS 304 stainless steel/1.2mm 
Working Pressure0.6Mpa
Electric Heater1.5kw/2.0kw2.0kw/3.0kw
Flat Plat Solar CollectorModelJDL-PG2.0JDL-PG2.5JDL-PG2.0
Total Area2.0m2x1pc2.5m2x1pc2.0m2x2pc
Absorber Material  Aluminum Plate
Absorber coating Black Chrome/Blue Coating
Header pipeCopper Φ22x0.6
Riser PipeCopper Φ10x0.5
Riser Pipe Quantity7 pcs9pcs7pcs
Welding  Laser Welding
 Cover Material  Low iron tempered textured glass
 Frame Material Anodised aluminum alloy
Insulation Material  Fibre Glass
 Piping connector sizeΦ22
 FrameMaterial  Galvanized
ModelA:  Flat Roof B:Inclined Roof
  Accessory Circulation Pipe Material304 Stainless Steel corrugated pipeΦ20mm)
Connection FittingsΦ22mm x G3/4'
T/P   Pressure relief valve0.6Mpa/90

Pressurized Flat Solar Water Heater