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Product Presentation
Flat Plate Solar Colletcor

Long lifespan, recycling, convenient installation, more aesthetically pleasing

Product Introduction

Flat Plate Solar Colletcor

  • Module design, arbitrary combination, harmony with the building perfectly.It advoids many problems such as maintenance headaches which results from collector,tubes and badly broken damaged by hailstone or frozen. To increase capacity just need to connect,collector at the reserved outlet.  

Technical parameter

Model JDL-PG/0.6-T/L-LM-2.0
Construction   typeFlat- plate collector
Dimensions  2000×1000×80
Gross   area 2m2
Absorber   area1.84m2
Weight 37kg
Glass   energy transmission92%
Glass   sealingEPDM
Frame   materialAluminium
Rear   plateAL sheet 0.4mm/  0.4mm
Back   insulationRock wool 50mm thick
Conversion   factor76.70%
Heat   transfer coefficient a14.09W/ m2·k
Heat   transfer coefficient a20.009W/ m2·k
Stagnation  Temperature156.04
Snow   loadMax 800kg/   m2
Tilt   angleMinimum15o-maximum90o
Board   core Data
Single   aluminium shet, 0.4 mm thick, laser weld,0.4mm,
Harp   grid design per Tichelmann
Header   tubes Cu 22x0.6 mm
7Parallel   harp grid tubes, Cu 8x0.5 mm
CoatingBlue selective   coating/Selective black chrome/Selective anodized  
Absorption  95%
Connections   3/4
Fluid   volume1.8L
Recom.   heat transfer fluid40%(propylene glycol)
Recom.   flow rate15-150kg/h·m2
Max.   operating pressure6bar

Flat Plate Solar Colletcor