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Product Presentation
pressurized solar collector ( with cpc reflector)

high efficiency, easy maintenance, can be installed in any degree

Product Introduction

pressurized solar collector ( with cpc reflector)

  • The vacuum tube use "U-aluminum fin" structure, the whole system fully enclosed operated with high pressure.the reflector use porcelain mirror principle of compound parabolic cylindrical. CPC reflector implements the 360 degrees of daylighting, can launch different wavelength of light, greatly improving the collection efficiency, can realize in high temperature applications.The whole system adopts steel ductile connection, a new integration technology, without the silicone seal of aging and leakage.No water running in the tube, not fouling, anti-freezing and frost resistance, if some of the vacuum tube is broken, the system operation as usually.

Technical parameter

TypeDirect flow vacuum tube   collector          
Gross   area1.872 m2
Absorber   area1.647 m2
Connection3/4 (outer thread)
Vacuum   tube58*1800  CU-SS-AL three layers
GlassBororsilicate 3.3
Absorption   rate94%
Max.   Operating pressure6bar
Test   pressure10bar 
Max.   Temperature100
Stagnation  Temperature262
Conversion   factorη0  61.60%
Heat   transfer coefficient a1 1.466W/ m2·k
Heat   transfer coefficient a20.003 W/ m2·k
Power   output per collector unit at irradiation 1000W/m2   1015W

pressurized solar collector ( with cpc reflector)