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Product Presentation
Copper Coil Solar Water Heater

Clean,high conversion efficiency,large volume assistant tank is more reliable

Product Introduction

Copper Coil Solar Water Heater

  • Tank with 40 meters of copper coil pipe,tap water through the copper coil in the tank has absorped sufficient heat of the direct heating,effectively avoid the secondary pollution of water,the product applicable to high water quality.This model wth 10L assistant tank can be automatically added to the evaporation of water in the tank.

Technical parameter

ModelVacuum tube Outer tank Inner tankFrame Tube qty Angle Outer tank dia. 
    L x w x h
Frame lengthmm)Frame width(mm) Tank capacity (L)Absorber area(m2)
JDL-CC20-58/1.8Φ58*1800φ360 0.5mm (Stainless   Steel thickness)φ480 0.35mm   (Galvanized Steel Thickness)1.5mm  (Galvanized Steel   Thickness)2045°4801650*1640*1680164015201522.45

Copper Coil Pipe:Diameterφ12mm   Thickness 1.0mm  Length 40m

Copper Coil Solar Water Heater