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Product Presentation
2-in-1 Solar Water Heater

Convenient, save money, reliable, fast temp rise, hot and cold water don t mix, improve the hot water usage, not hot and cold water

Product Introduction

2-in-1 Solar Water Heater

  • Based on the optimization of the smart dicaryon solar water heater, it adds one 5L assistant tank to avoid failed feeding water because of controller sensor not working. Jiadele 2-in-1 solar water heater= 1 set of general solar water heater+ 1 set of electric water heater. This type of solar water heater designed in two independent inner tanks, it is the State Department of proprietary products

Technical parameter

Key Specification

Overview  dimensionInstallation dimension

ModelVacuum tube  Outer tankInner tankFrame Tube qty Angle Outer tank dia. 
    L x w x h
Frame lengthmm)Frame width(mm) Tank capacity (L) Absorber area(m2)
Q-B-J-165/2.45/0.05Φ58*1800Jiadele galvanized steelΦ360   Food Grade   SUS304-2B stainless steelGalvanized sheet with   electrostatic plastic coating, anti-corrosion,tail support without tube   holder2045°Φ4601680*1550*1680147016801652.45

2-in-1 Solar Water Heater