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Product Presentation
Tri-Fire Pioneer Solar Water Heater

High heat energy, high thermal insulation, high service life, corrosion resistance, high heat efficiency, option of controller to manage water temp and water level, or mechanical feed water, high automatic production, durable of argon arc welding

Product Introduction

Tri-Fire Pioneer Solar Water Heater

  • This type of solar water heater is most widely used, now in terminal sales market share of around 80%. Jiadele had upgraded this product 3 times through years of production experience, and the feedback from the market verified the product longer service life, easier installation after upgrades. Depending on the situation in different regions, the tank divided into 2 different sizes: 460mm and 480mm.

Technical parameter

ModelVacuum tube Outer tankInner tankFrameTube qtyAngleOuter tank dia.
    L x w x h
 Frame lengthmm)Frame width(mm) Tank capacity (L) Absorber area(m2)
Q-B-J-1-128/1.96/0.05Φ58*1800Jiadele galvanized steel Φ360   Food Grade   SUS304-2B stainless steelGalvanized sheet with   electrostatic plastic coating, anti-corrosion,tail support without tube   holder1645°Φ4601350*1550*1680147012201281.96

Tri-Fire Pioneer Solar Water Heater