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Zhejiang Jiadele Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the hot water industry for 20 years. Our company currently has solar water heating business division and air source heat pump business division.Solar Water Heating Division: specializing in the production of household solar water heaters, large-scale solar water heaters project, flat panel solar collectors and integrated flat plate solar water heaters, heat pipes solar collectors.Air Source Heat Pump Division: specializing in the production of home hot water air source heat pump, commercial hot water air source heat pump, northern heating air source heat pump, home pool heat pump, commercial pool heat pump, home and commercial space cooling and heating machine, Space Cooling and Heating and Water Heating machine, etc.product.Our company provides solutions for customers in home and commercial hot water, heating, heating and cooling systems projects, and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in researching and development, production and marketing of solar water heater and air source products. The company strictly controls the quality of products, adopts the 5S mode on the production operation management, and passed the ISO-9001 international quality standard system and 14000 environmental certification. The company constantly applies new materials, new processes and new technologies to ensure the perfect enjoyment of "JiaDeLe" excellent quality and make our contribution to energy saving and emission reduction.

  • Brand Vision

  • Business Tenet

  • Mission

  • Sales Philosophy

  • Service Philosophy

Mission::Create Green and Healthy Lifestyle

Environmental degradation and energy shortages have become a global problem, so how to coordinate the relationship among the environment, energy and human life and realize the sustainable development of human society is a tough proposition we face.

What kind of lifestyle should we choose?

Jiadele wishes to help all people to make a correct choice.

Brand Vision: Jiadele means happiness for all families.

Jiadele brand is committed to the R&D and promotion of healthy, green and energy-saving solar products so as to provide excellent products and services for consumers and enable its users to enjoy comfortable and healthy solar life and fulfill its vision.

Business Tenet:To satisfy consumers, dealers, workers and the society.

As a responsible modern company, Jiadele improve users’ life quality and meets their demands by its high-quality products and services.

Its strong brand and propagation support builds harmonious and stable dealer teams and grows with them. It pays attention to the development of enterprise culture, respects staff values and promotes staff initiatives and creativities.

Social satisfaction is the guarantee for its life and ensures its sustainable development. The relationship among consumers, dealers, staff, the enterprise and the society is not game-playing but interest community. They coordinate with each other and develop together.

Values: Quality is Life and Credit is Spirit.

Excellent product quality meets consumer demands, forms its strong competitive power and therefore is its life. Credit is formed in all aspects and any dishonesty would destroy its image. Therefore, credit is its spirit and fundamental for development.

Sales Philosophy: To create values for customers.

Its survival foundation is to meet all kinds of customer demands, improve brand image and create values for customers.

Service Philosophy:The Customer is God and Satisfaction is Our Objective.

Jiadele has always been focusing on customers, meeting customer demands, achieving customer satisfaction and creating more values for customers through its services.

  • Dec. 2000, Haining Jiadele Solar Water Heater Manufactory was established.

    Jan. 2001, Shanghai Jiashen Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd was established.

    Aug. 2002, Haining Jiadele Solar Water Heater Manufactory moved to Pujiang Town, Minhang Area, Shanghai, two companies consolidated to: Shanghai Jiashen Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd.

  • Jun. 2005, Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd was established in Haiyan, five production lines of solar vacuum tubes product successfully.

    Aug. 2007, Shanghai Jiashen Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd moved to Haiyan, consolidated with Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

    Otc. 2007, the company hired an international superstar Kris Feixiang as Jiadele Brand Ambassador,opened up the domestic market.

  • 2008, For the first time participate in Canton Fair(later twice a year in Canton Fair continues today), opened up the international market.

    2009, bidding the first batch enterprises of home appliances going to the countryside.

    2010, bidding the second batch enterprises of home appliances going to the countryside.

    2011, bidding the third batch enterprises of home appliances going to the countryside.

  • Mar. 2011, established the subcompany in Haining city: Haining Jiadele new energy Co., Ltd

    May. 2012, enter in the National Benefiting Project。

    Aug. 2012, subcompany in Haining with 35000 m2 modern factory held the groundbreaking ceremony.

    Dec. 2013, the new factory complete.

  • Apr. 2014, solar flat plate production line successfully product in Haining Jiadele new energy Co., Ltd.

    Sep. 2014, Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd moved from Haiyan to Haining city.

    Oct. 2015, Jiadele company established the first solar energy R & D Center in Zhejiang province.

    Dec. 2015, Zhejiang Jiadele solar company on the 15th anniversary of establishment and celebration of moving to the new factory successfully held.

    Apr. 2016, Haining Jiadele new energy Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd consolidated to: Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

  • In August 2017, Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd. was approved as a high-growth technology-based SMEs in Zhejiang Province in 2017

    In October 2018, Zhejiang Jiadele Solar Energy Co., Ltd was rated as a famous brand product in Zhejiang Province